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Sustainability Promise

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Sustainability has always been thoughtfully considered here at The Gatsby Girls HQ. ​​

Influencing our overall business template, working as sustainably as possible impacts every element; from the creation process right through to delivery at the many wonderful events and celebrations we are a part of.

We believe our clients appreciate this too and together we know we can continue to learn and improve how we work to ensure the events and entertainment sector thrives with the world

Our sustainability promise is to continue and improve upon the following:

Providing ready to go costume and performance packages to ensure we are not continuously creating 'one-off' costumes.


Ensuring bespoke designs are created in consideration of how they

can be utilised in future.

Traveling by public transport where possible and car pooling if not.


Booking performers locally where possible.

Reducing plastic in storage facilities.


Continuing to ensure no single use plastic is supplied by us or

used by our team at events. 

Gatsby Girls_Black_Text.png

The Gatsby Girls
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